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Everyone knows that training hard and working out smart is only half of the equation. Our diet and nutrition experts will bring you the latest insights, tips, recipes, and more to help you fuel your body for success.

The Ultimate Protein Waffles.

Apr 3, 2018 by

Some mornings you wake up and just NEED a cozy breakfast. If you’re like me, those breakfasts can quickly turn into a 6-pancake, bacon, sausage, and sometimes even mimosa-powered dietary disaster. Fine for a Sunday morning, but sometimes I want a cozy breakfast on a Wednesday. Or a Thursday night, even. (Where’s my breakfast for […]

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Jacked Frost Holiday APOLLO Shake Recipe

Dec 24, 2017 by

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Amidst all the cookies, goodness knows it can be tough to get some good quality, muscle-toning protein in during the Holidays. Thankfully, we’ve crafted a super refreshing, and perfectly festive ‘Jacked Frost’ APOLLO Protein smoothie recipe! You’ve GOT to try this. The marshmallow & cool mint flavors […]

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You’ll LOVE This Pumpkin Perfection Shake Recipe.

Oct 26, 2017 by

I’m obsessed with this time of year of many reasons, but honestly it’s the cozy traditions that remind me that the holiday’s are near, that really put a smile on my face. Candles, cozy socks, season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix (I know right is it Sunday yet??), and of course starting to prepare […]

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My Sunday Night Apollo Protein Gingersnap Recipe.

Aug 6, 2017 by

I might not win blog post of the year with this one but if you’re looking for a super simply Gingersnap recipe that’s powered up with some APOLLO protein- look no further! These look good but taste better. I seriously think the vanilla flavors in the APOLLO add another dimension to these gingersnaps that take […]

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Amanda’s Super Snickerdoodle Protein Cookie Recipe

Feb 27, 2017 by

It was just another Sunday spent on the couch, watching Billions on Showtime (highly recommended if you are in a ‘show-hole’ like I was)…when my ADHD kicked in and I whipped out my phone to check Instagram. And then I saw it. “I whipped out my phone to check Instagram…and then I saw it” The most […]

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2 Protein-Packed Breakfast Snacks you HAVE to Try.

Jan 29, 2017 by

Ah. Another Sunday Evening contemplating the upcoming week. I’m sure it will come with it’s challenges but you know what? I’m thinking positive today. And I’m geared up and ready to tackle whatever tomorrow brings.  In fact… I actually can’t wait to go to sleep because: A) I am usually exhausted by the end of the day […]

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A Healthy Chocolate Frosty That Wendy Herself Would Love!

Jan 15, 2017 by

Have you ever absolutely craved a Wendy’s Frosty, but been too disciplined to just go GET one? (And by disciplined, I mean lazy.😬) Well you aren’t alone. But now, my fellow Wendy’s Frosty lovers, we finally can enjoy that amazing ‘Frosty’ consistency and taste, from the comfort of our apartments (or homes for you adults […]

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The Holiday SMART Plan.

Dec 1, 2016 by

Dashing to the feast It’s a meat and treat buffet `or the table I go Drooling all the way   A scoop of taters I take The turkey I filet Oh what fun it is to stuff food In my mouth all day UGHHHHHH Jiggle butt Jiggle gut Jiggle all the way Oh what shame […]

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DOUBLE FEATURE: Hope’s Chocolate Protein Pancake & Brownie Spectacular!

Oct 4, 2016 by

There are only two things in life I know to be true. Our APOLLO® Protein is the most versatile and fantastical protein powder in the world. Our Team of Ambassadors is the most insanely talented group of fit-chefs on the planet! Put them together, and you have the perfect storm for some insanely tasty #ApolloCreations to […]

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Protein Coffee. Unicorn Style.

Sep 14, 2016 by

Listen. I like Bulletproof coffee as much as the next unicorn- believe me. But you only get the health benefits of drinking it when you fast for like 8 hours on either side of drinking it. Or something like that. All I know is… you’re not supposed to drink it, and then eat breakfast right […]

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How to Make Purely Elizabeth Unicorn Fluff.

Sep 1, 2016 by

Every now and then our very own resident unicorn emerges to inspire us with his magical ways. And today we’re so thrilled to share is latest work. We teamed up with ‘Uni’ and our favorite granola company, Purely Elizabeth, to show YOU how to make Uni’s very own secret recipe dessert- Magical Unicorn Fluff. Watch […]

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Brooke’s Magical Unicorn Oats Recipe.

Aug 25, 2016 by

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and wondered ‘are these pictures even real?’ … like… How do you make something that looks THAT good and delicious. And why doesn’t MY attempt at protein Oatmeal look like that? It’s kinda like Unicorns. It’s hard to believe they are real until you see one for yourself!“…It’s kinda […]

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Liza’s Lovely Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Rice Krispies Treats.

Aug 15, 2016 by

It’s officially ‘Liza-Day’ here at UNICO as we are featuring her brand new APOLLO Creation here on the Fit-Blog, and featuring her on our Instagram later this evening too! In case you’re unfamiliar with this Liza (@ljadeparker), she is one of our #TeamUnico ambassadors who has an incredible talent for baking and meal prep. Go […]

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Will Boozing Cancel Out Your Workouts?

Aug 3, 2016 by

(^maybe my favorite blog post image of all time 😄) It’s the height of Summertime here in the Midwest- and that means two things: That the Wisconsin state bird, the mosquito, has made its return. It is time to party! Which reminds me of that time I found out that competing in a “Tour De Franzia” is […]

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On-The-Go Eating Tips to Stay Fit, Focused, and Fueled.

Jul 26, 2016 by

On-the-go. To-go. Pokemon-Go. Fast-casual. Amazon-telepathic-checkout. I think you’ll agree with me, we’re moving faster than ever. Bustling around to try and do it all. Fueled by our technology-enabled ‘FOMO’. (fear of missing out). We could argue pros and cons of this “Fast & Furious” lifestyle all day- but I think one thing we can all readily agree […]

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What’s the Keto Diet, And Will I Hate my Life if I Try it?

Jun 15, 2016 by

Dieting. It’s giving up stuff you literally LOVE eating, because you overheard the super fit chick at work talking about how few carbs she eats. And then something about keto. Keto. Maybe that’s the secret… But will it make me hate my life? The super fit chick at work also low-key hates her life. Though […]

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Kristen’s Kreations- A Gluten-Free Featurette.

Jun 7, 2016 by

Today we have an awesome 2 in 1 ApolloCreation featurette for you, and it is for all of you Gluten-Free Goddesses out there. These two creative protein delicacies ditch the gluten in favor of HUGE amounts of flavor. Let’s get right into it first with the Lip Smackin’ Stacked Smoothie: Big, enormous, massive, THANK YOU to our friend Kristen […]

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5 Carb Protein Waffles. With Peanut Butter. And Sprinkles.

Jun 3, 2016 by

5 being the number of TOTAL carbs. Not five carbohydrate sources. LOL. Because I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a waffle or two in our day that actually had five (or more) carbohydrate sources on them. Don’t forget. Chocolate syrup IS a carb source. “Enjoy this tasty treat on a low carb day, or any […]

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The World’s Best Vanilla Funfetti Protein Cupcakes.

May 17, 2016 by

Protein. Funfetti. Cupcakes. I bet you didn’t think there was ANY possible way the four of THOSE could co-exist. And they don’t. They THRIVE. Thanks to our unbelievably creative and talented ambassador Hayden (@HaydenSylte), we are so happy to share with you the WORLD’S BEST vanilla Funfetti protein cupcake recipe. And no. This isn’t like that scene in […]

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Danielle’s Cherry Anti-Oxidant Vegan Protein Oatmeal.

May 11, 2016 by

Today’s featured ambassador is our friend Danielle (@vegangirlgetsfit) , so it makes sense for us to post that today we share this AMAZING Vegan protein oatmeal recipe that she made with our APOLLO RAW Vegan Protein Powder. I’ve actually been following Danielle’s Insta for a while nowI’ve actually been following Danielle’s Insta for a while nowbecause she shares […]

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“Breakfast in Bed” Mother’s Day Muesli

May 4, 2016 by

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought this was the perfect recipe to share. When we were kids, (and to this day if we’re home!), my siblings and I would wake up super early on Mother’s day and make our Mom breakfast in bed. When we were kids my siblings and I would wake […]

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Chlo’s Low-Sugar “High-Five” Acai Breakfast Bowl

Apr 27, 2016 by

Ok we’re all obsessed with them. The good ‘old Acai bowl. I’m not going to say that they’re decidedly healthy or unhealthy, but I think we can all agree sometimes we’re glad that they don’t come with the nutrition facts plastered to the bottom of the bowl! (There just HAS to be so much sugar in […]

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Hayden’s Sexy SoCal Protein S’more Recipe

Apr 20, 2016 by

Ok before you read this post, go check out @HaydenSylte on Insta and tell me you’re not ready to buy a one-way ticket to California! See what I mean? Darn you Hayden! Lol. But not really. Because you rocked my world with these protein s’mores and for that, I’m forever grateful. Now if you could […]

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The Problem with Meal Replacement Shakes.

Apr 19, 2016 by

(This image is priceless, I know) LOL. So. First off. What does the term ‘meal replacement’ mean? The term ‘meal replacement shake’ emerged about 5 years ago to define a new segment of protein supplements that emerged. This new breed of protein shakes started out as your basic protein shake, and then included a few different things to […]

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Four Step Vanilla Birthday Cake Protein Balls.

Apr 13, 2016 by

Who else has a birthday coming up? Well. Sort of. Summer birthday’s are all ‘coming up’, ok? All I know is that I made these last night as an early birthday present to myself and I can vouch for them 100%. Want to be the hero at your next birthday party? Make some of @nitafit4life […]

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Sweet Maple Vanilla Overnight Apollo Oats

Apr 12, 2016 by

There’s just something about eating oats out of a mason jar that FEELS right. I swear it’s the key to this #ApolloCreation, so make sure you use one for these SUPER tasty overnight oats! I tried this recipe with our new APOLLO RAW Vegan protein and it is just as tasty! “so I was asked by […]

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Chunky Monkey Protein Ice Cream

Apr 6, 2016 by

Today’s #ApolloCreation comes to us from one of our loyalest customers, one of our FIRST brand ambassadors, and someone who I will always be grateful to for her enthusiasm and love for our little brand. Not to get too sappy on y’all but @jessari117 , we love you!!  -Erin  😍 When I saw this #ApolloCreation […]

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Hope’s Frosted Carrot Cake Apollo Protein Bars

Mar 28, 2016 by

“Oh my gosh guys! These are the most amazing protein bars ever! Tastes just like carrot cake and it’s super healthy! I used my vanilla Apollo protein from @uniconutrition in both the bars and the frosting. It’s so amazing!”-HopeMy favorite dessert of ALL TIME is carrot cake. Ask my Mom if you don’t believe me. […]

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How to Eat Clean if You’re A Human.

Mar 28, 2016 by

What do an alien, Mark Zuckerberg (how do you spell that?) , and Harry Potter all have in common? They all eat clean. Bear with me…

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Sweet & Salty Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Mar 15, 2016 by

I love snacking on balls. Especially when they are sweet, salty AND high in protein. These  Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein balls are absolutely delicious and are GUARANTEED to curb your snack cravings! Ingredients: 2 scoops Apollo Peanut Butter w/Chocolate Protein Powder 1/2 c. creamy peanut butter (I used Jif) 1 large, very ripe banana 1/2 c. […]

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