This Is The Beginning of Something Great.

If you’ve never tried our products yet, you won’t be selected as an ambassador. Think of it like dating. You don’t date someone before you get to know them. Well. I guess there was that one guy in high school…?

The fun thing is that I already know you’re going to fall in love with UNICO products. Everyone does. So use this coupon for some savings on your first order, and we’ll look for an ambassador application from you soon 🙂

Your Coupon.



P.S. My personal favorite flavors are our New Birthday Cupcake Protein, Blue Frost YUMINO, and Strawberry Lemonade Athena Intense. Our ADONIS is also a great option for experienced lifters. Completely safe for chicks, we just branded it a little more masc. There’s also a picture of David’s tushy on it. So. There’s that.

-Erin @ Ū N I C O ®