Vegan Supplements.

Our vegan supplements are made in small batches and are 100% cruelty-free, and free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, or fillers.

The Best Vegan Supplements- for Healthy Humans.

Let's face it- the world is going vegan. And as a greater proportion of our society moving towards a vegan diet1 because of the growing body of research around vegan health benefits, or for ethical reasons.

To best-serve the vegan members of our community (or anyone who is looking to add some plant-based nutrition to their diet!), we have carefully crafted a line of nutritionist-formulated vegan workout supplements to align with the modern vegan lifestyle.

We started by launching our best-selling Gemini vegan meal replacement drink in the Summer of 2019, to overwhelming praise from the media and broader vegan community - even being named 'the first true' meal replacement by the editors @Well & Good!2).

Gemini was followed up with another plant-based supplement Taurus - an all organic vegetable + superfood greens powder which we made to help folks get real, actual servings of mother Earth's healthiest vegetables. With benefits ranging from digestive support, to immunity, cardiovascular health, Taurus is the vegan superfood that your body deserves.

Flavor First.

Plant-based proteins and greens supplements can taste downright icky. We take tremendous pride in making the best-tasting vegan meal replacement shakes that you actually look forward to drinking.

With countless hours invested, and hundreds of vegan flavor iterations developed during our R&D process, each one of our vegan supplements combines the purest ingredients with craveable flavors. We hope you enjoy, and look for even more vegan workout supplements to come throughout this year.