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Protein Powders

Our non-chalky protein powder is available in 9 delicious flavors. Unico protein powder for women and men is the perfect guilt-free indulgence to keep you on track to reach your goals. Use our low carb protein shakes for faster recovery after workouts, healthier snacking, or even as a meal replacement. Shop our seriously delicious nutrition protein shakes below.

The Protein Powder of The Future.

The UNICO protein powders are the centerpiece of our nutritional supplement line, providing essential nutrients to fitness enthusiasts. APOLLO protein powders feature dessert-like, creative flavors, with one of the industry's largest flavor menus to choose from, along with nutritionist-formulated recipes for reliable performance.

Our APOLLO low carb protein shake uses a combination of fast and slow digesting protein sources, which has been clinically proven to provide recovery and muscle growth advantages over whey alone.1 Our APOLLO protein powder has been our flagship protein for 6 successful years, and has received high praise for being the best-tasting protein2 from industry experts.

When to Use:

Unico Protein Powders are the perfect way to optimize any workout routine. Use our nutrition protein shakes before or after weight-lifting workouts, high-intensity workouts, sporting competition, a long run, or a hard yoga session to help muscles recover and refuel.

Our proteins are formulated with either grass-fed proteins (or all-organic versions for our vegan proteins), and contain added proteolytic enzymes to reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. Unico protein powders are easy to digest, and an excellent non-bloating protein option.

Our nutrition protein shakes have excellent taste and smooth, non-chalky texture when mixed into water or milk, and are versatile enough to be used in a variety of different recipes. (Check out our favorite protein recipes).

Every Batch of Unico Protein is Third-Party Tested.

The protein powder industry as a whole suffers from lack of rigorous, standardized testing. As a result, many protein brands offer product with incorrectly labeled, or misleading protein claims.

To make sure we are delivering on our protein promise, each and every batch of UNICO protein is sent to a third-party lab4 to ensure every UNICO nutrition protein shake contains the amount of protein that is on our labels. You can download and review our latest protein testing results on the APOLLO protein powder pages, under the 'more information' tab.

A Protein You Can Count On.

With over 1,200 verified reviews (and counting), the feedback for our UNICO protein speaks for itself. We are incredibly proud to be your go-to protein powder company!