Unicoin Rewards

Unicoin™: The Ultimate Loyalty Currency

Our brand new rewards program is a great example of how we thank our customers for their loyalty – (at 78% we actually have the highest repeat-order rate in the entire nutritional industry!)

What is Unicoin?

Unicoin™ is our digital rewards currency. Some might call it a rewards program.. but what makes Unicoin™ different is that just like some of these crazy cryptocurrencies.. it’s worth WAY more, and we give out WAY more of it per dollar spent with us. Here’s how Unicoin stacks up:

– Unicoin is 15.3x more valuable than Starbucks points, and you earn 5x more per dollar spent

– Unicoin is 9x more valuable than Chik-Fil-A rewards points, and you earn 8x more per dollar spent

– Unicoin is 34x more valuable than Sakks 5th Ave. points, and you earn 2x more per dollar spent

Here’s the most beautiful thing- Unicoin is very easy to earn, and redeem.

How to Earn Unicoin™:

All you have to do is make sure you are LOGGED IN to YOUR ACCOUNT when you place your order. Your points will be added to your account automatically when you place your order. You can check your Unicoin balance at any time by navigating to ‘My Account’ -> ‘Unicoin’.

How Much Unicoin™ Will I Earn on Each Order?

The amount of Unicoin™ earned will depend on the value of your purchase. The higher the order value in USD, the more Unicoin you will earn. Each product has a small blue Unicoin™ value box that will tell you how much Unicoin™ you will get by buying that product. The total amount of Unicoin™ you will earn on your total order will show in a message box on your cart and checkout page.

How to Redeem Unicoin™:

Once you have some Unicoin in your account, are logged in to your account, and have some items in your cart, you will see prompts asking if you would like to pay either in full or partial (depending on how much you have), with Unicoin™. Simply click ‘pay with Unicoin™’ if you would like to redeem your points.

How Much Are My Points Worth in USD?

Use the Unicoin™ exchange rate calculator below:

Your Points are worth: $ human dollars

Will My Points Expire?

Unicoin™ has no expiration date. Use your points at your convenience.