pre workout supplements for women

Pre Workout Supplements

Our pre workout boosters are designed to help you get the most out of your workout, every single time. We combine proven ingredients with fabulous flavors for the ultimate energizer.

Pre Workout Perfection.

Pre workouts can help maximize your workouts by helping you push beyond your usual threshold.

Standard pre workout ingredients include caffeine, beta-alanine, betaine, and amino acids.

Our UNICO pre workouts feature only clinically-proven ingredients - with no fillers, additives, or banned substances.

But the best part? The TASTE. We are proud to manufacture the best-tasting pre-workout supplements available.

From our tangy, sweet Gummy Peach Ring Pre Workout to our fantastically bold and flavorful Cotton Candy - Blue Razz Pre Workout, you are sure to find a tasty new pre-workout tradition.

Pre Workout FAQs:

What is a 'pre workout'?

A pre workout is a powdered drink mix, comprised of ingredients that help boost energy, endurance, strenght, and overall athletic performance. For more in-depth information on pre workouts, including their history, and if pre workouts 'work', visit our complete pre workout guide.

Are Your Pre Workouts Safe for Women?

Yes - our ATHENA pre workouts are engineered to be effective for both men & women. They contain no testosterone, or estrogen-promoting ingredients, nor any other ingredient that is tailored specifically to one gender or another. However, our ATHENA pre workouts are known as creatine-free pre workouts, and contain no creatine of any kind.

How Strong Are Your Pre Workouts?

UNICO offers two levels of pre workout: The ATHENA Unleashed, and ATHENA Intense varieties.

ATHENA Unleashed is our top-of-the-line pre workout, designed for those with either significant pre workout experience, or a relatively high tolerance to stimulants. 'Unleashed' is optimal for higher intensity workouts, and athletes with demanding exercise requirements.

ATHENA Intense is our best-selling pre workout. It features the same amount of caffeine as a small cup of coffee, alongside other nootropics such as huperzine, in our proprietary 'lightning energy' complex.

Each serving of 'Intense' also includes a full complement of endurance and strength-boosting ingredients, but is tailored more specifically towards maximizing endurance. ATHENA Intense is better-suited for endurance workouts, and lower-intensity exercise.

Should You Cycle Pre Workouts?

As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to take a 1:1 cycle protocol when taking pre workout, due to their high stimulant-content. So if you take pre workout for 3 weeks, you may consider taking 3 weeks without pre workout, to ensure your body does not fully adjust to your pre workout supplement.