We’re Pretty Embarrassed, TBH.

A protein powder company that doesn’t have any protein powder to sell?

We feel like Will Ferrel in Elf when he finds out that he’s not really an elf.

But look.

Here’s a secret.

We’re still a very small business.

And between COVID, supply chain issues, pricing pressure, inflation, recession, and, well, everything and anything in between…

It has been a bit of an, er, challenging season.


Similar to how Buddy the Elf is given a snow globe map of NYC to help him reach his personal ‘promised land’…

We too have a heck of a road map in place.

And for the next, well, 6-8 weeks, we’re crossing the gum-drop forest and working our plan.

So…what is that plan?

Well, basically, we’re making our product even better for you, and even better for our planet.🌏

We know what’s coming will be well worth the wait.

If you’re with us, drop your email below, and let’s take this adventure together.

Thanks for bearing with us. 💜