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  • / Feb 8, 2022

    The Top 7 Benefits of Algae – Meet the Sustainable Superfood of the Future

    Good for you, even better for the planet. Here are the many benefits of algae, and why it is the next a sustainable superfood of the future.

  • / Dec 30, 2021

    4 Ways to Address Period Breakouts & Hormonal Acne Naturally

    Nearly 65% of those who menstruate suffer from breakouts at and around their period due to hormonal imbalances. Here are a few ways to get hormonal acnes under control.

  • / Nov 10, 2021

    The Best Foods & Supplements for Vaginal Health, According to a Dietician

    What does it take to keep you healthy below the belt? Our resident dietician shares her top foods and supplements for optimal vaginal health.

  • / Oct 9, 2021

    Are Antioxidants the Secret to Better Skin? Plus Choosing Between Topicals vs. Ingestibles.

    Antioxidants seem to be in everything from smoothies to shampoos these days…but are they actually effective for your skin, or just hype?

  • / Sep 13, 2021

    The 5 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut – And How to Fix Them

    That uncomfortable feeling in your stomach may be a sign that you need to check in with your gut. Here are the top five signs of an unhealthy gut, and how to fix them.