The Essentials™ Stack

- $110.99

The Essentials™ Stack

- $110.99

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APOLLO® Pure Protein Powder

ATHENA® Intense Pre Workout

YUMINO® EAA Pro - Essential Amino Acids

Ramp up your workout Intensity with ATHENA Intense. Extend your workouts with our new YUMINO (yummy-aminos!) BCAA drink. And then recover DELICIOUSLY with our award-winning APOLLO Meal Replacement Protein Shakes. Grab all three at a wonderful savings in this ‘Essentials’ pre workout, BCAA and protein bundle.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

APOLLO® Pure Protein Powder

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Flavor Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Gooey Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Aunt Judys Banana Cream Pie, Molten Chocolate Lava Shake, Cookies n Cream Dream, Birthday Cake Cupcakes, Candy Shop Salted Caramel Squares, Joans Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake, Punkin' Spice Latte, Cookie Dough Invasion

ATHENA® Intense Pre Workout

Weight 1 lbs
Flavor GODDESS UNLEASHED: Strawberry Margarita, Cotton Candy Craze, Gummy Peach Ring Paradise
Servings 20

YUMINO® EAA Pro - Essential Amino Acids

Weight N/A
Flavor Firework Freeze Pop, Yummy Gummy

56 reviews for The Essentials™ Stack

  1. Lindsay Greiss (verified owner)

    Protein powder has a great flavor and it’s not gritty. I’m gluten free and peanut free so it’s hard to find proteins with flavors that work(pumpkin spice doesn’t have too much spice, I don’t like spice and no pumpkin flavor).
    I also have a super sensitive stomach so preworkout is hard to find that doesn’t make me sick.
    And the EAAs are great and give me energy and help me recover from my workout.

  2. Christine Doyle (verified owner)

    love the bundle 😋 ! I got the caramel protein and it is delicious! I mix it with my coffee! the pixie stick amino is a bit much for me to handle. 😖has a weird after taste and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get though it. I do love the other flavor that they offer but it was out of stock😥

  3. Jessica Goodson (verified owner)

    I wrote a review before on the stack but I just wanna say, I love the pink bubble wrap 😂😂😂 it is so freaking cute!!

  4. Rachael.hauman (verified owner)

    This is the perfect stack for bang for your buck. I’ve ordered this three times already! the protein is smooth, flavorful, and good with any liquid you choose. the fireworks pop us my all time favorite bcaa! the Adonis preworkout was a bit gritty, but I havent had that issue with the peach gummy ring.
    overall wonderful product.

  5. Caitlyn Severson (verified owner)

    Very good, finally found protein powder that I LOVE!

  6. Kelly Spencer (verified owner)

    The ultimate Stack in my mind – all three of these are definitely going to be return essentials in my cabinet for the foreseeable future! The ingredients are great, textures great when you determine your perfect product:water ratio, and the tastes are out of this world! May be a tad bit pricey, but so worth it if you want to be clean, healthy, AND fun with your supplements.

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