The SuperStack™

- $89.99

The SuperStack™

- $89.99

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APOLLO® Protein

VULCAN® Advanced Muscle Toner

Introducing the SuperStack™ protein powder and fat loss bundle- Your secret weapon towards getting lean and mean this season. This weight loss bundle includes one 27 serving tub of APOLLO Protein, and one 30 day supply of VULCAN Advanced Fat Loss Agent.

This protein powder and fat loss bundle includes (1) 27 Serving Tub of APOLLO™ Pure Protein + 1 60. Serving Jar of VULCAN® Advanced Muscle Toner & Rapid Fat Loss Agent.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 12 cm

APOLLO® Protein

Flavor Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Gooey Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Aunt Judys Banana Cream Pie, Molten Chocolate Lava Shake, Cookies n Cream Dream, Birthday Cake Cupcakes, Candy Shop Salted Caramel Squares, Joans Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake, Punkin' Spice Latte

54 reviews for The SuperStack™

  1. Jamie R. Noble (verified owner)

    Delish!! I take it with water and have never been able to do that before! Can’t wait to try more flavors!

  2. Jailene Castellanos (verified owner)

    The superstack has helped me stay full throughout the day and I don’t feel like snacking as often as I used to.

  3. Ashley Weinreis (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful products! The salted Carmel protien is soooo delicious! First protein ghat hasn’t bloated me in any way,tons of energy and i feel satisfied. The Vulcan is a game changer to anyone with a slow metabolism.

  4. Amy Pflugrath (verified owner)

    Great value for the price! I LOVE the birthday cake cupcakes and the cookies and cream powders! Delicious and don’t leave me feeling bloated! The Vulcan pills cut my mid-morning cravings and helped me have more energy to be more active.

  5. Madison (verified owner)

    Amazing!! The protein powder is delicious and the Vulcan supplements really suppress my appetite!!

  6. Melissa (verified owner)

    I decided to get the chocolate flavor because I knew I couldn’t go wrong with that, and I’m so glad I did. It’s delicious! As for the Vulcan Muscle Toner, I’ve only been using it for two weeks, so I’m not seeing much of a difference, however, I do notice I’m not as full in the morning after I take it.

  7. Jodi Thomas (verified owner)

    My “go to” in pretty much anything is chocolate because even when chocolate is not so great, it’s pretty darn good. So, when I saw the banana cream pie, I knew it would be a big risk, and it is one I am so glad I took. It is so yummy and creamy and satisfying. I look forward to trying other flavors!

  8. Kimberly Damico (verified owner)

    I tried the Sample Pack and everything just was so tasty! Nothing was gritty. I am also doing the Vulcan and that stuff is working and my husband and friends are seeing some slimming. I haven’t used my other products yet but I can’t wait too!

  9. Isabella Silva (verified owner)

    Packaging so great ! Taste is NEVER CHALKY!! Goes well with coconut milk ☺️😋and lots of ice!

  10. Isabella Silva (verified owner)

    Delicious! Will last you so long! The pills really work well me I definitely saw progress no gitters but make sure you start slow so your body gets used to!

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