The SuperStack™

- $89.99

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The SuperStack™

- $89.99

You Save: $17.99

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APOLLO® Protein

VULCAN® Advanced Fat Burner

Introducing the SuperStack™ protein powder and fat loss bundle- Your secret weapon towards getting lean and mean this season. This weight loss bundle includes one 27 serving tub of APOLLO Protein, and one 30 day supply of VULCAN Advanced Fat Loss Agent.

This protein powder and fat loss bundle includes (1) 27 Serving Tub of APOLLO™ Pure Protein + 1 60. Serving Jar of VULCAN® Advanced Muscle Toner & Rapid Fat Loss Agent.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 12 cm

APOLLO® Protein

Flavor Delicious Vanilla Ice Cream Milkshake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Gooey Frosted Cinnamon Roll, Aunt Judys Banana Cream Pie, Molten Chocolate Lava Shake, Cookies n Cream Dream, Birthday Cake Cupcakes, Candy Shop Salted Caramel Squares, Joans Homemade Strawberry Cheesecake, Punkin' Spice Latte

55 reviews for The SuperStack™

  1. Sara Orth (verified owner)

    I usually by the stack (since I use both the protein powder and the muscle toner). Can’t beat the price for 2 quality products!

  2. Kara Board (verified owner)

    The banana cream pie shake is crazy good! Just started taking the Vulcan pills, but I have noticed I don’t snack as much.

  3. Crystal Chapman (verified owner)

    Amazing taste! Loving this flavor and the sprinkles!

  4. Kasandra Garza (verified owner)

    I love all of this!! I have already lost weight and feel better!!! Im so excited to order more flavors. They don’t taste bad either.

  5. Lizbeth Antonio (verified owner)

    I love the shake! I use it as a meal replacement and a protein shake after my workout! I take the pill only once a day then wait 30 minutes before my shake and I’m hardly bloated now! I just wish the pills were smaller otherwise I would’ve taken the correct amount a day.

  6. Misty Hayes (verified owner)

    With stack pack I have lost 15 lbs. (Probably mostly water weight, but visible body difference) in 10 days. I have tried all flavors minus cookie dough and spice. I work full-time office job and go to school full-time. Just started meal prepping my weeks meals on Sundays which has helped tremendously. I mix my protein shake with either unsweetened almond milk or organic fat-free milk as the diet for my body is low fat which is good for me. It’s quick and easy, non gritty, no aftertaste. All flavors are particularly pleasant. I bought tubs throughout the last year of strawberry cheesecake which is one of my favorites, vanilla ice-cream which tastes like the title, chocolate lava which tastes like chocolate milk, and cookies & cream which is something I use 4 or so times a month when I’m craving a treat. They are helping me achieve my goals certainly and I am very happy. I will say some of the ingriedients in cookies & cream prevent me from using it a lot (high fructose corn syrup & cornstarch) but it IS delicious and I bought the tub so I will use it. My diet is around heart health+ weight loss and the ingriedients in everything I eat has been really important to me. Outside of that. No complaints they really help me. They are all delicious, quick and easy and I have lost a significant amount of weight in 10 days. Last thing though with that being said this is the first time I’ve put genuine effort into diet and exercise in years and since I have more weight to lose than just a few pounds, from my experience the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off in the beginning 3-6 months. Thanks Unico!

  7. Sarah Jones (verified owner)

    Really great pairing! I ordered the cookies and cream flavor and was very pleased. It’s not my favorite Unico flavor, but it’s definitely a good one! So far the Vulcan has helped me curb appetite so I’m not snacking all day long!

  8. Sistha Birtley (verified owner)

    Great deal with the super stack! Both of what I needed. The protein powder is addicting! I look forward to doing my workout and finishing it off with the birthday cake cupcakes protein powder. I also take the muscle tonner right after and before a meal to help control my apatite.

  9. Majorie Bastardo (verified owner)

    I honestly really enjoyed the caramel protein , it taste so good is now my personal favorite.
    the pills helped me a lot, my goal is to lose weight and get toned, and this definitely helped a lot !!

  10. Amanda Rice (verified owner)

    The protein and Vulcan combo is great!

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